Friday, August 27, 2010

Liturgical issues

Since the reform of the liturgy -- beginning before Vatican II, continuing through the Missal of 1964 and of 1969, various people in the Church could no longer worship as they wished -- either because they detested the "reforms," or because they were so deluded as to suppose they were not radical enough.

Status quo liturgy as adapted since 1970:
a) honor: dishonors God
b) salvation: jeopardizes salvation of souls through misplacing focus on assembly
c) consolation: deprives faithful of consolation in the Mass
Where authority is not enforced, there is no regard for it. Where there is no enforecement, there is no respect of authority.

a) The Church can’t even bring itself to carry out its own mandates. (Redemptionis Sacramentum, 157 & 158)
b) Discrepancy between word & deed – between (1) the Church of the Ages, and (2) the Church of the culture – illustrated in:
  • homilies
  • liturgies
  • hymody (Marty Hougen, David Haas)
  • religious instruction (CCD and RCIA)
  • lectionary (Bible teaching on homosexuality expunged from shorter form of lectionary)
The New Mass: Inalienable Right or Inferior Rite?

Pope or Heretic? An Evaluation of Benedict XVI (defending Benedict):

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