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Women, Veils, and the Mass: A Word from the Vatican in 1969

by Jacob Michael

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Editor's Note: This article clipping was notoriously difficult to locate. Taken from The Atlanta Journal in 1969, it seems to only exist in the form of a microfilm at various Atlanta libraries. Without the help of a reader of this site, it would have been impossible to procure. Special thanks to "NV." Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam.



Women Required To Cover Head, Vatican Insists

VATICAN CITY (UPI) - A Vatican official says there has been no change, as reported, in the Roman Catholic rule that women cover their head in church.

The Rev. Annibale Bugnini, secretary of the New Congregation for Divine Worship, said the reports stemmed from a misunderstanding of a statement he made at a news conference in May.

"The rule has not been changed," he said. "It is a matter of general discipline. It began as a custom in the time of St. Paul and was later incorporated into canon law."

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Source: The Atlanta Journal, Saturday, June 21, 1969, page 6-A

Jacob Michael
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