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On Communion in the hand


greeting to all in Jesus Name.

My subject today is : communion in hand.

The other day, I went to a sacred place in Ontario and I found this
article about communion in the hand and i want to share it with you.
This is a resume of the original text :

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

" I will tell you a secret, since we have just a thousand close
friends together, and also because we have the Missionaries of
Charity, whom the Holy Spirit has sent into the world that the
secrets of many hearts might be revealed. Not very long ago I said
Mass and preched for their Mother, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and
after breakfast we spent quite a long time talking in a little room.
Suddenly, I found myself asking her (I don't know why) :

" Mother, what do you think is the worst problem in the wold today ?"

She more than anyone could name any number of candidates : famine,
plague, disease, the breakdown of the family, rebellion against God,
the corruption of the media, world debt, nuclear threat, and so on.
Without pausing she said :

" Wherever I go in the world, the thing that makes me the saddest is
watching people receive Communion in the hand."


" Communion in the hand has not be accepted by Heaven. This is a
sacrilege in the eyes of the Eternal Father, and must not be
continued, for you only add to your punishment when you continue on
in the ways that have been found to be unpleasing to the Eternal
- Our Lady, June 30, 1984


The practice of Communion in the hand was first introduced in
Belgium by Cardinal Suenens in disobedience to the rubrics of the
Holy See. Not wishing to publicly rebuke a brother bishop, Pope Paul
VI decided to lift the ban prohibiting Communion in the hand,
leaving the decision to individual bishop. The late Cardinal Joseph
Bernadin, then president of the United States NCCB, initiated two
unsuccessful attempts to introduce Communion in the hand in 1975 and
1976. In the spring of 1977, the bishops' vote again fell short of
the required two-thirds majority. Nevertheless, for the first time
ever bishops in absentia were polled by mail after the conference
meeting; subsquently the necessary votes materialized and the
measure was declared passed. Several canon lawyers have stated
categorically that this procedure was illegal. An interview with
Bishop Blanchette in the National Catholic Register (June 12, 1977)
confirms that Communion in the hand was unlawfully introduced into
United State. Fr. John Hardon likewise has affirmed the fact that
retired and dying bishops were polled to make sure the measure for
Communion in the hand would be passed.


" In a restaurant, some young people cut a Host into pieces to see
if the Blood would run, then they threw it into the toilets. " (
November 1969; Witness: proprietor).
" In a dry-cleaning establishment, we found the Consecrated Host in
a boy's trousers. The boy admitted receiving it in a round-about
fashion, thanks to distribution of Communion in the hands..."
(January 10-1970,Witness: proprietor)

" In Holland, some students were conducting a flourishing trade in
consecrated Hosts, thanks to Communion given in the hand. They
collected them and arranged them on the wall, like butterflies.
About 200 Hosts were found, transpierced in this manner..." (
Witness: President of the parish,F.E.A.G.).


Reviewing available evidence from Church history and the writings of
the Church Fathers does not support the claim that Communion in the
hand was a universal practice that was gradually supplented and
eventually replaced by the practice of Communion on the tongue.
Rather, the facts seem to point a different conclusion.

Pope St.Sixtus I (115-125): " it is prohibited for the faithful to
even touch the sacred vessels, or receive in the hand"; [Blosser: Sixtus (Xystus) left no writings. This is a fake quote, maybe.]

St.Basil the Great (330-379): one of the four great Eastern Fathers,
considered Communion in the hand so irregular that he did not
hesitate consider it a grave fault (letter 93); [Blosser: actually this references a sanction against self-communication rather than against reception in the hand, as a reading of the text confirms.]

The Council Held at Saragozza (380): it was decided to punish with
excommunication anyone who dared to continue the practice of
Communion in the hand;

The local council at Rouen, France (650) stated : " Do not put the
Eucharist in the hands of any layman or laywomen but only in their


...Our Lady has say: " You must not take the Body of My Son in your
hand ! You open the door for the entrance of evil spirits to defile
My Son's Body! The consecrated fingers of a duly-ordained man of
God, the priest, shall place My Son into your mouth, and you must
absorb his Body with goodness and love." (March 22, 1975) and "
Communion in the hand has not be accepted by Heaven. This is a
sacrilege in the eyes of the Eternal Father, and must not be
continued, for you only add to your punishment when you continue on
in the ways that have been found to be unpleasing to the Eternal
- Our Lady, June 30, 1984


...Pope Paul VI in his instruction MEMORIALE DOMINI ( May 29,1969),
states : " It [communion in the hand] carries certain dangers with
it wich may arise from the new manner of administering holy
Communion : the danger of a loss of reverence for the August
sacramentof the altar, of profanation, of adulterating the true
doctrine. "

Our present Holy Father, John Paul II, some years back had sign
posted on St. Peter's Basilica specifying that all priest, no matter
where they came from, who celebrate Mass in St. Peter's, where to
give Communion only on the tongue...Currently, John Paul II gives
Communion only on the tongue in his private Masses at the Vatican.
Concelebrating priests are told to do the same.

Also, the great Fr. John Hardon has spoken out against this
practice. On november 1 st, 1997 at the Call to Holiness Conference
in Detroit, Michigan, there was a panel discussion in wich Fr.John
Hardon was one of the speakers who fielded various questions from
the audience. One of the question was about Communion in the hand.
After explaining how the practice was illegally introduced into the
United States, he concluded by saying, " Whatever you can do to stop
Communion in the hand will be blessed by God."

... the late Fr. Alfred Kunz, a canon lawer, had some very powerful
statements regarding Communion in the hand; he maintained that by
pastoral experience ( his pastoral experience ) he was morally
certain that there would be loss of particles by placing Communion
in the hand at any given Mass...This irreverence to God by losing
particles is against the Divine Positive Law and therefore,
regardless of its canonical status, cannot be done. And this due to
fact that to drop a consecrated fragment of the Host to the ground
is the same as dropping the consecrated Host to the ground. Even if
done throught negligence it is still a sin of sacrilege.

Dietrich von hildebrand ( who Pope Pius XII called a "20 th" century
doctor of the chuch), wrote a article entitled " Communion in the
hand should be rejected. "

...Mike Warnke, a former satanic high priest who converted to
Christianity, who warned the U.S. bishops that allowing Communion in
the hand was a mistake, as it would allow satanic services easier
access in procuring the sacred host, wich is desecrated at satanic
services. The Holy Father is well aware of the danger of the lost of
the sacred Particles and this is certainly part of his reasoning in
not giving Communion in the hand at his private Masses at the


Another evil fruit of Communion in the hand has been a
catastrophic loss of faith in the Real Presence. A Gallop poll
several years ago among Catholics showed that only 30 % held the
true Catholic teaching concerning the Eucharist. The other 70 %
represented various shades of Protestant belief, or not belief at
all. As a matter of fact, there are catechists who can attest that
some of today's Catholic youth did not beleive the Host to be the
body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ until after they
began receiving on the tongue.

Fr. John Hardon affirmed : " Behind Communion in the hand- I wish to
repeat and make as plain as I can- is a weakening, a conscious,
deliberate weakening of faith in the Real Presence."


There are those who will object that confronting this widespread
abuse of Communion in the hand is disloyal to the church. Nothing
could be farther from the truth. It is not disloyal to the Church
regarding reverence towards the Blessed Sacrament and the prevention
of potential sacrilege. It is the law of the latin Rite that we
receive in the traditional manner, i.e.,
Communion on the tongue. Communion inthe hand is the exeption , that
cannot be done if (1)
There is potential loss of particles; (2) it is instituted in
exclusion of the traditional manner of reception; or (3) there is
the danger of scandal and loss of true faith in the Blessed
Sacrament as a result...The danger that arise with Communion in the
hand are real, serious, and avoidable.
What is it called when sacred Particles of the Host fall to the
ground or are lost throught negligence? It is call a sacrilege.

Our Lady of the Roses words concerning the Communion in the hands
issue displays a perfect and profound grasp of the mind of the
Church and the preeminence of natural law over ecclesiastical law.
Her words display an affirmation of the hierarchy of law and the
necessity of the clergy to submit to the immutable law og God. She
displays a complete absence of human respect, but an unqualified
respect for the divine....As our Holy Father John Paul II has
said: " what is needed is the courage to speak the truth clearly,
candidly, and boldly, but never with hatred or disrespect for
persons. We must be firmly convinced that the truth sets people free
(John 8:32)."


" We must save Our Lord's Sacred Heart from abuse and defilement
from those who no truly believe the consecrated Host to be the body,
blood, soul and divinity of Christ. Encourage your family, friends
and relatives to work to stop Communion in the hand."

Our Lady – " This debasement to My son's Body shall not go
unpunished. !"(August 21, 1975)

Satan and his cohorts will attack this report. Pray for poor priest
who don't have the courage to stand up for the truth, but follow
their leaders in blind obedience. Satan's masterstroke is that he
use obedience to destroy the church.


You will be champions
OUR LADY – " Pray, pray much, My children, for those who are in
darkness. You who have been grace to have your eyes opened to the
truth are under obligation now to spread the word and recover those
who need your help and prayers and sacrifice. Graces were given to
you so that you will be champions in the battles." ( february 10,

Don't be a coward. Be a courageous saint and stop errors and sin.
Encourage your family, friends and relatives to stop Communion in
the hand. Make copies and spreads this report to as many people as
possible. Great glory will be your reward in heaven.

I hope that you will enjoy it for your personnal knowledge .

That God Bless you in Jesus christ Name and the Holy Spirit guide
you in your journey... Pierre


Although I normally only take communion by mouth, I
investigated this very clearly, and between reading the
rubrics and the indults, the truth is:

It is legitimate to take communion by hand. Saying it
isn't or it is by itself sacriligious is saying that
the church doesn't have the authority to legislate

To say that one should never take the sacrament from
the hand of an extraordinary minister is also to say
that the rules of using lay ministers (not in lieu of a
priest, but when there are not enough priests or
deacons to do the job) are not valid is also saying the
Church doesn't have the authority to make the rules.

There are people out there who want to tell the church
how to do its business. And in it, they enlist the
names of whoever to make it look like their cause is

This is not to say that there have not been abuses,
(including priests that did not want to distribute by
mouth). I think that taking by mouth reduces the
potential for many of these abuses, and in the minds of
many perhaps shows more respect (although I am sure it
is possible to recieve communion distracted and not
realizing what is going on via either method!), both
forms are truly legitimately allowed in some places,
such as the US.

The US norms for distribution and reception that were
approved by the Vatican can be found on this page:

Sue Stone

On Sun, 22 Feb 2004 20:32:25 -0000, "Pierre" wrote:

greeting to all in Jesus Name.

My subject today is : communion in hand.

The other day, I went to a sacred place in Ontario and
I found this
article about communion in the hand and i want to share
it with you.

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